About 40 Days Behind… Now What??

Okay…so thanks to spotty internet and times on the road…and maybe a bit of laziness..I am about 40 or so days behind on my blogs…and it gets worse with each passing day!  I am not sure if I should just keep trying to catch up…resulting in people thinking it might be my birthday in January…or if I just post what is going on today…but I still want to post all of my days if anything just for my own sake…so what to do?  I am thinking I may post the current day…and then post as many days to catch up as I can!  It may be a bit confusing…but at least I will have the memories of the trip!  So sorry if this bothers you, not that anyone is reading this anyway…so maybe I am just apologizing to myself…in either case I think from today on I will post the current day…and then play a bit of catch up!  Let’s see how this goes!!!