Day 1

Day 1

Well day one is really only like 1/2 a day!  Why you ask?  Well because we woke up at 3:00 a.m. (thank you time change…jet lag…finally getting some sleep).  Because you cannot start your day at 3:00 a.m., we decided to stay up…that worked…until about 6:30 a.m. when we promptly fell back asleep, only to wake up at 10:40.  Oh well, by the time we showered and ate a little something…it was noon!  Since we started the day a bit late, we decided to stick around Montmartre.  I was so excited  I got my Rick Steves Paris book and we were set!  We walked right from our apartment to the Sacre Coeur ( about 5 min…all up hill…and all stairs)!  When we got to the top, Montmartre was straight out of a french painting!  It was just what you think of when you think about a french village!  I was so excited to start our walking tour, but the book started in a different place…so put that together with me getting lost going to the bathroom, we were in a bit of a pickle!  The best part was,we just kept going…and guess what? We found it all!  We saw, Van Gogh’s house, La Maison Rose, all of the artists, great cafes, the vineyard, and even the wall with I love you written in all the different languages!  We gave our son a very realistic education when we made our way to the Moulin Rouge…holy smokes!  If you know what a helicopter mom I am, then you will realize how funny this walk was!  There were sex shops, explicit pictures, and on and on…I tried to use my umbrella to block the sights, but I have a feeling that our son got quite an education (and not the good kind :)).

We had lunch at a french cafe, yep the chairs our front and the awning above!  I had french onion soup and it was fantastic.  Russ had some crazy meat platter, that frankly looked delicious and disgusting all at the same time!  Reid had steak and frittes (french fries) and boy do the french know how to make fries!  For dinner we went to the market and bought the fixings for a pasta dinner…I am that good of a cook :-)!

Here are some things I noticed yesterday:

* Lots of french people smoke…is that because they have free health care?

*French people are super cool

*My high school french stinks

*There is a lot of dog poop on the street

*I love the way people sound when they are speaking french…seriously what is that about? Even the oldest and ugliest seem a bit sexy!

* I am super crabby when I do not get enough sleep!

I know I am a day behind…but that doesn’t really matter right?  All I know is that I am loving life right now!


Until Day 2…