Day 15 1/2 Huge Storm

Okay I am a bit groggy this morning…it was tough to sleep last night.  We had a huge thunder and lightening storm!  I mean lightening that lights up the room kind of storm!  The interesting thing about the thunder is that is sounded different…well you know it does speak Slovenian :-)!  Really, I think that the walls of the house are so thick…that we barely heard it!  I was waiting for the crash that rattles your soul…but just a rumble was all we got!  The best part was when you look at the hills just across from the farm…there is snow on them!  Gregor said that it was going ot happen, but I did not believe him…I guess he should know right?  So this morning we woke up to snow covered mountains, blue sky, and chilly weather!  Bring it on Slovenian!

On a side note, I swear I am going to learn how to post pictures to my blog TODAY, so I can share in pictures as well!