Day 40 Time to Live My Under the Tuscan Sun Fantasy

Day 40- Yep!  I sure did just reference a several years old movie…and it won’t be the last time either!  We wanted to travel all down the Amalfi coast…but thanks to the rain the night before…the road was closed past Positano.  Well , decision made, Positano it was!

So, we have been using our Rick Steves’ guides, and they are fantastic.  Literally Europe for dummies who want to travel smart.  But here is something that I have actually seen a few times on this trip, that I think would make Rick Steves’ cringe.  People holding his guide books while being rude, obnoxious, Americans! I mean honestly, don’t get me started…but we had a few interactions with a couple of different sets of people, clutching their guidebooks and acting like jerks…it made me wonder what Rick Steves would do…WWRSD??

So, on the bus we went.  The ride to Positano only cost about 3 euros each to go…super great deal!  We battled rain clouds, but the sun really held out all day thankfully…just a bit of drizzle while waiting for the bus back.

Now, whether or not you are afraid of heights….that buss ride is one scary ride!  You are twisting and turning on narrow roads, on a giant bus.  I just kept telling myself that the bus driver does this all the time!  Not saying our trip was not without incident.  Narrow roads and other cars made for some scary turns, but the scenery was so beautiful that it made up for the frightening ride!

When we got to Positano, it was just like you would imagine…just like the movie UTTS (Under the Tuscan Sun).  Quaint, colorful, super picturesque!  It is right on the water…these beautiful pastel colored buildings, rocky cliff sides set off by bright aqua colored water.  I felt like I was actually inside of a postcard or a picture…unreal.

We had a great lunch overlooking the beach, and we just soaked it all in!  After we had lunch, we walked along the beach.  The waves were a bit rough and were splashing up on the concrete walkway…Reid thought it was the coolest thing ever!  I walked along the beach picking up seaglass and pieces of pottery and rocks.  We found some really great things on the beach…and hey free trinkets to take home!

After we walked around the town a bit, it was time to head back!  We went to the bus stop where we had about a 30 minute wait.  During that time we met a really sweet British couple who were retracing the wife’s fathers steps from when he was in WWII.  They were so nice to chat with during our wait time!

The ride back did not seem as scary as the ride into Positano (maybe we were just more used to it).  When we got back to Sorrento, we were tired and ready to head back home!  We stopped at the store for some limoncello and some pasta.  We made dinner…looked at our finds from the day…and headed off to bed!