Day 44 One Last Day

Day 44- Today was our last day in Sorrento.  We chose to use this day to rest, sleep in a bit, and then walk into Sorrento one last time…and we did just that!  Reid was able to see Stella…the Guns and Music store (I still can’t get over the name of that store).  We got to wave to the barber who gave Reid his haircut, and have lunch in the town square one last time.  The restaurant we ate at had waiters with tuxedos on!  The prices were not expensive, but the food was delicious!  We had a French coffee after lunch…it was coffee, Grand Marinier (I know I spelled it wrong), and some cream… oh my gosh it was delicious!!

As we ate we looked at the people and the cars going around the roundabout!

Here were a few observations:

*Nobody stops at a stop sign unless there are people physically blocking the crosswalk

*People on Vespas are insane

*Italiams love to stroll down the street…and I mean down the street not on the sidewalk

* I LOVE Italy…it has a pulse…it has a sense of community in a crazy way!!

We spent our last moments of daylight walking through the narrow streets, just strolling.  We got a gellato and took it all in!  Then we were off to the apartment to get packed up and ready to head to Rome the next day!