Day 49 Rome to Tuscany

Day 49- Well we were a bit sad to have to leave Rome- it was bitter sweet!  We were heading to Tuscany to stay at La Falconara, a place that my family had visited a few years prior and they absolutely loved!  We were very excited to head to the hills of Tuscany and see all of the hill towns.  Our first stop was La Falconara, to meet Alex and Ingrid!  As we wound and drove toward our destination, we were charmed by the landscape!  We turned and headed down a dirt road, and as we turned a corner I see a man standing at the end of the road with a huge smile on his face!  There was Alex!  His farm is what you would imagine a farm in Tuscany would be… a hundreds year old farm house, olive trees, a beautiful view…just like a postcard!

As we headed towards our apartment, we notice a beautiful black and white cat…”Whiskey” Alex tells us is the cat’s name..then we see another cat…and another..and another.  Reid was mesmerized!  The cat that really caught his attention was named Donut!  Reid loved this cat, a bit of a runt, and just super sweet, Reid had a new playmate!

We settled in and then headed into Montepulciano to get some groceries.  We came back to settle in.  The apartment is in the old farm house, complete with brick arches and wood beamed ceilings.  Just rustic and wonderful!

Before Alex went out for the evening, he brought by brochures and books about the surrounding towns.  We were excited to see all that the area had to offer and made plans for the next day!

We put some more wood into the wood stove and headed off to sleep!  A great start to what will be a fantastic week!