Day 61 Getting Ready for New Friends

IMG_2054Well, quite honestly I would love to say that we did all kinds of amazing things today!  We hiked, we biked, we cured cancer….but honestly today was just a lot more of the same from yesterday!  We got up and went to grab a coffee and a brioche from Cristiana’s cafe in town!  We listened to the Italian men chatting it up…and talked to her and her husband about life.  Crisitana’s mom was in the hospital and her dad was not doing well on his own.  She had to take her daughters to different schools….she had her hands full!

After walking around town…visiting the local dogs and cats…the swimming area…taking in the view…we headed to the apartment to do laundry and get ready for our trip to France.  Our next stay would be a 10 day stay on a farm of sorts in France.  This was a WOOFing gig for us…so we had to work for our stay.  Our last WOOFing experience had been amazing, so we were really looking forward to this one!  Reid was especially looking forward to it, because at this place, they had a son who was just a bit older than Reid named Tom.  Reid and Tom had been emailing back and fourth and I was super excited at the possibility of Reid making a new friend and haing a kid to hang out with!

So, we needed to get ourselves ready for the trip!  I knew that we were going to be a bit far away from things…the closest town to this farm was about 20 miles…so I wanted to make sure that we had everything in order!  Being a WOOFer is an interesting experience!  You are, in a lot of ways, at the mercy of the people that host you!  We were so lucky when we stayed in Slovenia!!  I cannot say enough how amazing the family was that we stayed with!  They were kind, generous, and giving people!  We worked hard, but not nearly as hard as we should have for all that they gave us!  We stayed in a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment, complete with our own living room, dining room, and kitchen!  We had our own washing machine too!  We ate delicious food, had homemade beer on our breaks, got fresh milk and eggs, had access to anything we wanted…amazing! The family gave us time off to explore, and they also took us on some really fun outings!  We even got to go to the movies! Their children were just wonderful!  Even though they did not speak English much, they included Reid and played with him!  We all did jobs around the farm, but the family were the hardest workers of all!  I am not sure I will ever be able to fully express how grateful I am for the experience we had at the Slibar farm!  I will never forget the entire Slibar family!!!

So fingers crossed, this next WOOFing experience would be just as amazing!  As the time grew closer, we all became a bit more nervous!