Day Zero or as I like to say “How many pills can I take?”

For days before we left for our trip I kept thinking that the trip I was about to embark on didn’t seem real.  Maybe that was because we were traveling all over saying goodbye…and oh yeah helping to prepare and put on a yard sale for my husband’s parents (just the thing to help anyone prepare for a months long trip around the globe!).

The day finally arrived, Day Zero.  What am I talking about ? Day Zero?  Well that is the day that you leave for your trip, but you are not really doing anything fun.  You are in transit that day…and it really stinks!  We were flying Virgin Atlantic…aren’t we cool?  And I just knew that Richard Branson was going to make my trip amazing!  I was going to feel like a young international jet setter…oh how wrong I was!

We get to LAX and check in with a nice, but faintly bitchy airline representative.  As we wait in what was the first of many lines that day to pass through security, I was imagining what the international terminal was going to be like…celebrities, expensive shops, interesting restaurants…all the things that the domestic terminals I fly in are not.  As we approach the terminal I notice construction…everywhere.  I guess that our terminal is currently in the cocoon phase, and has not yet turned into the amazing international butterfly I have imagined!

I did get my pre-flight cocktail…a beer at Nate and Al’s deli (the only restaurant open other than Burger King)…then off to our gate.  Here is where I got my first taste of what was to come… boarding the plane…

Stay tuned we are off on our first Parisian adventure…more later!

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  1. Mel
    Oct 7, 2014

    Can’t wait to hear about your first adventures in Paris! Love the pics on FB, keep them coming!! XOXO