Days 20-25…Holy Crap I Am Behind

Okay, so thanks to several different factors, I am SUPER behind on my blog!  I am going to attempt to catch up in one crazy post!


Here are just some of the fun things that we have been up to in the past few days


***Sunday October 26th-  We left the farm in Slovenia for the day and headed out on another adventure in Slovenia!  Today we headed to the Postojna Caves.  I have one word for the caves AMAZING!  Of course I did learn the hard way that you should always keep your head down while traveling through a cave!  Why you might ask yourself?  Well those awe inspiring rock formations (stalagmites and stalactites) are formed by water basically dripping through the roof of the cave…now this dripping doesn’t stop just because you are traveling through…so guess what that means??  Huge drops of water on your face, on your head, and my favorite one, on the train ride down 150 meters into middle earth, a nice huge drop right in my eye!   I am not sure if you can get any kind of eye infection from it, but let me tell you it is not a pleasant feeling (especially when you decide to put on make up for the first time in a week)!

The second half of the day took us to the Slovenian “Venice” know as Piran.  It is on the coast of the Adriatic and it is beautiful!  It really is this old town with old buildings and boats surrounding it.  Now, I have not mentioned driving in foreign countries that much, but guess who does most of the driving? Yep, that’s me…due to the roominess of our rental car, it is actually better for all of our legs if I drive the car.  We do have GPS, but sometimes it gets a bit interesting!  Our trip into Piran was one of those times…picture rocky cliffs and coastline, dotted with Italian looking villas, add some cobblestone streets, and viola!  Well our GPS got a bit confused and instead of going up a steep hill on a road, I was on a cobblestone footpath, complete with people walking up it!  Oh yes, there was some pointing, some shouting, and some staring…awesome!  We were laughing so hard, and also saying some little prayers that we could actually find our way out!  We did, and we got to the town of Piran…people were scuba diving, fishing, and wind surfing!  We had dinner, and watched the sunset before heading back to the farm!


***Monday, October 27th-Thursday October 30th-  These were our last days at the farm!  We spent our time milling grain, collecting eggs, watching babies, and las but not least making sauerkraut!  As a matter of fact we went from cabbage in the field to sauerkraut in one long, cold, tiring day!  The coolest thing about this days was that I learned how to make sauerkraut…it is a lot of work, but actually pretty simple!  For our last day on the farm, we cleaned up our apartment (you should always leave things nicer than when you found them) and had one final meal with Monika and Gregor and the entire Silbar crew!  It was so bittersweet having to leave the farm!  We had such an amazing time, we really enjoyed getting to know the family, and getting to learn new things, but it was time for us to move on.  We said our tearful goodbyes and actually went to stay the night in Lublijana..