Some Reflections of a Blogger Who is Super Behind

Okay so I am only about a month behind on my blog posts!  It has been a crazy month lots of moving around, times without internet, seeing sights, meeting people, and of course inhaling the second hand smoke of all of these crazy chain smoking Europeans!  Our time in the EU is actually coming to a close in the next few days…and then we are on to a new adventure.  I fear that our travel time is coming to a close…I have two boys who are getting a bit homesick these days.  Reid is especially missing his friends and family!  I think that being an only child can be tough at times!  Luckily, we have met some great kids on this trip that he has been able to hang out with a little bit, so that has helped!

I miss my friends and family too, don’t get me wrong, but I love the power of travel!  It forces you to stay in the moment, you never know what to expect at any given time, and I realize I like that!  It is almost liked forced mindfulness!  We have met so many interesting people on this trip, each with a story to share, and they in turn enrich the story of our lives too!  We have essentially turned our life upside down this past year, that is scary and wonderful all at the same time, much like the trip we are on!  I feel that this experience will stay with us forever, even in ways that we cannot imagine right now.  So when we head back to reality, back to “normal life”, I now know that my life will never be normal again!  I was always so afraid of life, afraid to make changes, afraid to be who I really was, afraid of taking chances…fear is very powerful.  I let fear rule my life for the first 40 or so odd years….but taking this trip has taught me something…not to be afraid….fear will no longer rule my life…I will!!!! On that note…I would like to wish you all a happy, healthy, and joyful 2015!  I know that the coming year is going to be amazing because we all have the power to make it that way!!!


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  1. Melissa Coble
    Dec 28, 2014

    I love this post and I am loving every moment of your journey! Looking forward to whatever is coming next! Maybe I need to check Russ’s blog for that since he seems to be more detail oriented. 🙂