Time to try to Catch up Day 26…

This post is a bit difficult for me… the fact of the matter is I have already written it….but we were having difficulty with the internet and bye-bye everything I write disappeared and I haven’t had the heart to write it all over again…but since I need to catch up at some point…here we go! I think I will post a day at a time…so that if the computer loses things again…worst case it is only a day!

Day 26- October 31st- We left Slovenia and headed towards Innsbruck, Austria.  This was one of those places that we just kind of picked on our way back to Paris…and boy am I glad we did!  Innsbruck was beautiful….like an alpine dream!  The hotel we stayed at was 500 years old…yes even Mozart stayed here!  It was in the old section of Innsbruck, it was charming and beautiful!  Okay but let me really address the elephant in the room here…it was Halloween and I had a kid.  Oh yeah a kid…one who has spent every last Halloween that he can remember with his cousins, a kid who wanted a costume, wanted to trick-or-treat, a kid whose parents dragged him half-way across the world…what jerks they must be!  Who deprives there child of this important holiday??  Okay, we do.  So we get to Innsbruck and there are hints of Halloween…so I have hope!  Reid decides that he wants to dress up…so what does he go as?? A businessman…he wears his nicest shirt and tie, his glasses, and sports his most serious look!  Okay…costume…done.  We tell Reid that he can pick where we go for dinner (yes trying to cheer him up) and as we are walking around the old town…what do we stumble on??? A restaurant with spider webs and jack-o-lanterns outside!  This is it!! It was so great to see the look on Reid’s face when we walked in to see the waiter dressed as a zombie…and skeletons draped on the walls.  Halloween has never been my favorite holiday…but that night it was!  The joy it brought to Reid was palpable…and the food was good too!  After dinner, we “trick-or-treated” by letting him choose candy from a few stores.  Then it was back to our hotel.  Well I guess what I did not realize is that Austria does celebrate Halloween…late at night…by screaming…and setting off fireworks…in the street…in front of our hotel…yep that’s right…it was one crazy night in Austria!  The only truly important issue was that Reid had a great time…and he did!

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